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This community is to let off steam... It's to bitch about any and all problems you have in the furry fandom, whether it be with RPers, drama, or what have you. There are some basic rules everyone must follow:
1. No bashing other members in the community for what they post.
2. Adult language is allowed here. This is a community for letting off steam, so feel free to use such words.
3. All entries USUALLY will be friends-only automatically. You can change, if you want. Up to the poster.

Thank you, and have fun ranting!

Also this is NOT a community for only those who are in the furry fandom! This is for those who are not in the furry fandom as well as those in it that can rant about stupid things occuring in it! I REPEAT this is NOT a community for only those who are in the furry fandom that can post! If you cannot handle some nonfur (or fellow fur) attacking your fandom then don't join, it's that simple.

Like what was said above..if you can handle it then have fun ranting! But otherwise whining in the comments to the poster who's ranting will not be allowed in here, nor will anyone be allowed to attack someone on their posts for the rantings.